From startup to company in 20 years

The Gesellschaft für Diamantprodukte mbH originated in 1999. Dr.-Ing. Peter Gluche, today's managing partner, was already a founding member. Originally a spin-off from Ulm University and the Daimler Research Center at Science Park Ulm, the company has now established itself and relocated its headquarters to Neu-Ulm in 2018. Not only an important step towards independence, but above all an important step towards increasing production capacities. The Gesellschaft für Diamantprodukte mbH currently employs 18 people and is a training company.

We are world leaders in the production of diamond micro-components and in the manufacture of diamond-coated and plasma-sharpened cutting and plotter blades and tools. We also manufacture diamond-coated high-precision balls for measurement technology and scalpel blades for eye surgery. A whole series of patents protects our developments.











Made in Germany

All of our products are made in Germany. With the help of chemical vapor deposition, the so-called CVD process (Chemical Vapor Deposition), we can coat our blades, tools, balls and scalpels with diamond ourselves on site. The big advantage here is that we can coat components up to an edge length of 500 mm ourselves. The plasma sharpening of the blades and tools also takes place in our own production area.

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Our innovation –
Plasma Sharpened Diamond (PSD)

Why diamond?

Diamond has outstanding properties. It is extremely hard, light, wear-resistant, chemically inert, electrically non-conductive and has a particularly low coefficient of friction. This makes diamond ideal for mechanical applications.

How is plasma sharpened diamond made?

The production of plasma sharpened diamond is based on two innovative processes: First, a nanocrystalline diamond coating is grown on a hard metal blade. This ultra-thin layer of pure diamond is then polished using an innovative plasma sharpening process. With this process, we are able to produce razor-sharp cutting edges with an extremely long service life.


Plasma sharpened diamond blades

Standstill? Wear?
Not with us!

Due to the enormous wear resistance, our diamond-coated and plasma-sharpened cutting and plotter blades have a service life that is up to 1000 times longer than a conventional steel blade. The low maintenance requirement and the associated low set-up costs not only save you time, but also money. The extremely sharp blades also ensure an absolutely clean cut and consistently high quality even with the most demanding materials. The blades are suitable for all pulling cuts, from plastic or metal foils to fabrics and leather to carbon fibers and Kevlar.

Our cutting blades are available as oblong and three-hole blades in thicknesses between 0.2 mm and 0.6 mm.

Range overview

Do you need individual blades? That is also possible. Just talk to us, we will be happy to advise you.

Plasma sharpened diamond tools

Sharp. Sharper.
Plasma sharpened?

The plasma sharpening process developed by us is the optimal processing option for tools - whether coated or uncoated. The process is scalable so that the sharpness of the polish can be perfectly adapted to the respective needs. In this way, specifically sharpened diamond tools that are second to none are created in close cooperation with a large German tool manufacturer.

Plasma sharpening is particularly suitable for drills, cutting inserts, diamond-coated indexable inserts and straight-fluted end mills.

Diamond balls

Highest precision

Our diamond-coated high-precision balls are perfect for the most demanding applications. They are currently in use in coordinate measuring systems, but use in lubrication-free ball bearings is also possible. Due to the excellent properties of the diamond coating, there is hardly any wear and no smearings, which means that the measurement result is absolutely reliable.

Classified according to DIN 5401, Spec. 2002-08, our diamond-coated balls meet the highest requirements.

Our standard balls are available either with or without a soldered-on hard metal shaft in sizes between 1 mm and 8 mm. Special sizes are also available on request. Feel free to contact us and together we will see how we can find a solution for your request!

Range overview

Scalpel blades

1,000 operations with one blade?

In exclusive cooperation with a Swiss partner company, we produce diamond-coated, plasma-sharpened scalpel blades for eye surgery. The basis for this is the technology developed by GFD for plasma sharpening diamond. This enables us to equip the hardest material in the world, namely diamond, with an almost atomically sharp cutting edge. The result is super sharp scalpel blades with an extraordinarily long service life of up to 1,000 operations!

This technology is also excellently suited for variations in geometry. For example, razor blades or hairdressing tools can be made.







We implement your
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Research & service -
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The further development of our technology enables the implementation of ideas and prototypes in marketable products, parts and components. In addition to developing its own product ideas, the Gesellschaft für Diamantprodukte mbH offers industrial partners tailor-made collaborations for the joint development of applications in Diamant, and in individual cases also the service of order-related product development.

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